Should this be seen as grief or just negativity that is the question?

P. J. Casselman

If you’ve never experienced grief, check yourself for plugs, because you’re in the first Matrix.  Whether through the death of a loved one or even a pet, by the loss of a job or broken relationship, we all experience grieving.  It is our reaction to bereavement and a process we work through.  Most of us have heard of the “Five Stages of Grief” or variations of the list, but is it a reflection of what happens or an arbitrary list?

A man, whose wife I visited in the hospital for six months, recently passed away.  While she was still alive, he began the process of illness grief.   His anger stage was particularly bad, because he lashed out at loved ones for never doing enough even though they were right there beside him in her room.  By showing them the stages of grief, I was able to help them overcome the…

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