20 things I don’t want friends without children to know…

We are only human. I have friends with no children, and they do not have any sense of adventure, and I do not get this. And they always say to me, but you have beautiful children, I would love to have that. My thoughts are, those that do not have it want it, and those that do hae it never appreciate it!

From Slummy to Yummy Mummy

I’ve always wanted children.  Even when I was ten years old I was broody.  Before I had the Monster and the Minx I was jealous of those who had those gurgling, gorgeous bundles of joy.  Now, don’t get me wrong here – I love my children to bits and would love a third, but I must admit that in the years B.C (before children) I may have looked on motherhood (and particularly the stay-at-home-mum part) through rose-tinted spectacles.  Whilst that’s probably largely my fault – I saw what I wanted to see – I think that I probably wasn’t in full possession of the facts either.  Perhaps it’s just me but I think there’s a minor conspiracy going on amongst mothers to hide from the world all the less than shiny, lovely parts of motherhood (except as part of tongue-in-cheek humour).  Let’s face it, when talking to childless friends…

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