Dressing up – for us or for them?


Random Fact: I feel like I should get dressed up when I go to the doctor or dentist office. I don’t know why. But I usually take a little effort to be presentable when going to an appointment.

Last week I wrote about perspective. And how the way we look at things is determined by where we have been, what we have experienced the people we have met. And then I wrote about my free time and how much I cherish that. The quiet of my house is a solace to me. Maybe you are thinking, “Wow, she has a pretty cushy life. All together. That’s wonderful for her. I think I will stop reading her blog posts because they are completely irrelevant to my messy and loud life. Bleh!”

Today’s post, I am gonna share a little bit of what happens when our house wakes up. It’s not quiet…

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