Book review: ‘Objects Of My Affection’ by Jill Smolinski

Interesting book, worth a read

write meg!

Lucy Bloom is having a rough year. After finally facing her 19-year-old son’s drug addiction, she’s decided to send him to a rehab facility — but has no way to pay for it. Determined to help Ash no matter the cost, she sells her house and personal possessions, eventually finding herself sharing a room with a friend’s toddler. She’s recently split from her boyfriend, Daniel, after he grew too tired of dealing with Lucy’s denial to stick around. Oh, and she’s now unemployed.

Officially adrift, Lucy relies upon the mediocre success of a de-cluttering book she wrote to get a new gig helping a high-profile client — who happens to be both an artist and a hoarder — empty her home. Now well-versed in letting things go, Lucy sets to work help Marva Meier Rios decide what should stay and what should go . . . all in relative secrecy…

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