Definition of being a mother…………

I remember when I had my first son. My first thoughts were what is all the fuss about. When I was younger the number of children I wanted changed from 6 to 0 as I grew older. For the simple reason, I looked at some mothers and they looked like they had been in World War 2, eever since they started having children. Their children, looked like they lived in palaces.

When he was a baby, I recall, getting him ready, feeding him, bathing him and thinking this is not so hard. I could take him out to the park all day, and go clubbing all night. Life seemed too good. There were these constant debates in the media, whether, it is better to be a stay home Mum or go to work etc. Unfortunately, I never had the choice.

The day it hit me, the Definition of Being a Mother, was when I was preparing him to go to school, and I had not enrolled him in any school! I thought I was all prepared listing him the year before the school year. There were Mum´s that had listed their child since they were pregnant. My first thought, what was I doing? And it was too soon, then? I was enjoying him and my life was fine, so why stress myself so early for no reason.

From that moment onwards it was a constant struggle, not only for schools, but life in general. This is when I felt “Motherhood”. This is when I began to question, my role as a mother. This was the time I had to think about his future, and how he would get there. Morales that I had to install in him, influences and choices I had to make for his life.

Before, he went to the park and played with anyone. Now, I would watch him hanging around certain people and think, I do not want you to be my son´s friend. I never understood, why mothers felt the need to go back to work when their kids started school. I felt this was the time they needed to be there, not only because of the school hours, but simply because this is when the real hard work began.

I would like to know other person´s thoughts and If they can relate to this day, i.e. when the definition of being a mother or father began for them…………………

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