I think patience and appreciation are as important as each other.

Things You Realize After You Get Married

I’d like to say that I came up with this realization on my own, but that would be a lie. Although I have known about this for a long time, I couldn’t quite put it so succinctly into words. But the other day while perusing the internet, I came across an article entitled, 10 Things To Remember When You Fight With Your Spouse, and the idea for a new post was born.

The article was written by a husband who has been married for 8 years. He lists 10 things to keep in mind when fighting with your spouse. What I love about this writer is that he doesn’t claim to be an expert on marriage (and really who is when you think about it?). He just offers a list of things that perhaps we all should keep in mind during those heated moments. I’m not going to go over the entire list…

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