Taking life for granted

I walk through the park nearly every day from the gym. Yesterday, I decided to take a phot of the path, in black and white. Not sure, why! I am not a photographer, or a budding photographer. Today, I decided to stop and take in my surroundings and take a photo. The only time, I take photos are off the kids, due to the fact I feel they grow too fast.
Later, at home, I looked at the photo, almost in a trance. Not because of the beauty of the photo. Simply because of one thing………………………….
I have walked this path, over a thousand times, and not one time, have I realised the beauty of it. It made me realise that there are so many things, I take for granted in life. Sure, I have my good times, which feel too unreal now…………..sometimes it feels like the end of my world and throws me, and makes me question who I am.
Sometimes, if I stop – listen and think for one moment, I would see beauty all the time. Not when my life is good and things are going good. This is not the meaning of seeing beauty. The beauty is in the appreciation of life regardless of how you want to see it, see it for what it really is……………
We all know life is too short, so why do we continually take it for granted.


4 responses to “Taking life for granted

  1. Watch and notice the beauty of the things around us is the major ability to feel and be alive. I’ve read your posts and found many wisdoms and beauties in your reflections. You’re a nice reader as well. : ) And nice to meet you.

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