The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap By Paulette Mahurin

An amazing book, which I could not put down from start to finish. It featured hatred in it´s true form.
The main storyline, focused on Mildred, but there were other aspects, which were mentioned in the book, all with the same theme, hatred causes nothing but pain, wasted energy and life is too short.

The book was vivid, and the scenes were excellently set, that I felt that I was in this historical town. Even with the advantages of technology, the descriptions of news travel, and the limitations in the evidence of this news. Also, I felt I was in this small town, with the characters in the book.
Unfortunately, Mildred felt love and hate for this town for different reasons, which were made clear in the book.

I was never disappointed with each section of the book, from the beginning to the middle and especially at the end.
I was expecting a twist and was glad that it did happen in an unexpected light. I recommend this book to other´s, because I truly believe to move forward in life, we need to learn from history.
These were historical events that did happen, and I loved the way this news effected others in the town. At times it made me laugh and other times, I felt sadness…………well done, to the author, for their first novel, it is such an excellent achievement.

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