It Had To Be You

New Release – Book Description:

Foolish Me

Foolish You

We Loved and Laughed

As couples do

I Loved you Once

You Loved me Too

Can we again?

Love Once More

As couples do


Guess Who´s Back?

“Guess who´s back?” Michelle asks squinting her eyes looking directly at me. I look around the table and realise they are both doing it. I hate when they do that. Means they are up to something.
OK, now goes the question, “Who?”
Tracey claps her hands, like she did that one night we went Bingo, and everyone stopped and looked at us, apart from one Granny who said, “The word is bingo love, the instructions are simple.” The worst part is she had not even won. We asked her why she was clapping and she said it was cause she was having so much fun. Yep, she is the bimbo of the group. Seriously fun, we all lost 40 quid that night. No one classes losing money as fun! Apart from Tracey.
“Who?” I ask again as I look straight into her brown eyes, thinking this time she will give me an answer or simply shout out Bingo!
“Oh”, I say and sink back into my chair. I knew it was nothing I wanted to hear. Already had a bad day, started whit my tyre being flat so I could not drive and had to walk in the rain to work. To someone driving fast and getting me soaked all on the way to work, to being late, then getting there and telling them an hour later that I am going to lunch. I told the girls that I had a shit morning and I was late so there was no way I could get to lunch. They insisted it was important, course, because having a job, isn´t!
Anyway, I came along, was not in the mood to stay at work. Doing a crap piece on, “Why the youth of today are running around committing crime?” and it meant hanging round the courts like a bad smell. Every week the same interviews on all the crimes convicted that week from witnesses, family members to someone who was in conjunction with the case. The story never changes. They have no job, no prospects and half of them can´t read or write. I watch them and I don´t know whether to laugh out of sadness or cry out of pity. It´s just sad.
As Howard, my boss keeps telling me, that´s the life of a journalist. You win some and you lose some. In other words, someone has to do the shit pieces and right now that is you. Wish they said all this when I came here for my internship. He was enthusiastic telling me that a life of a journalist was full of fun, sometimes you get dull work, but learn to write, the right way and you will land great stories. That was over five years ago, I watch them recruit new internships and I always feel like telling them the same thing, its all LIES, LIES, LIES… Don’t do it, please don´t do it. Study to be anything, for as long as it doesn´t involve being a journalist.
“´Sarah you listening? Michelle asks whilst hitting me on the shoulders.
“No, I´m not listening, my day´s been shit and you make me come to lunch, potentially lose my job for even more shitty news.”
“Don´t be like that. The love of your life is here and you’re not excited.”
Right, don´t you just love your friends. They come out with the most bizarre statements and you don´t know whether to slap them for coming out with it or slap yourself for having them as friends.
“Love of my life?!? He is with Teresa, you freak.”
“Sure, but they’re not married yet, so technically he´s still yours.” Tracey says like she has just discovered how to cure cancer. Is she off her trolley? I sit shaking my head eating my egg cress mayonnaise sandwich thinking there must be more to life than having this as a sandwich each and every day. Also, I need to get some new friends.

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