My Writing Process – Blog Tour

Today, I am going to talk about my writing process. This is a blog tour where writers and authors answer questions about their writing processes. My friend, US author A. J. Williams posted hers last week. AJ´s fantastic series, Bounty for Hire is a series to keep you on your toes. All her books are on her fantastic blog,
Click here for more details of her fantastic blog.

What am I working on?
The million dollar question, I have about three WIP´s at the moment, all in draft form. Why 3? Because, that is where my mind is at the moment. I can wake up on a Monday and feel like writing a romantic love story or on Wednesday and feel like getting down and dirty with an erotic book. All depends on my moods…

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Some say it´s my writing style – easy to read and straight from the heart. I love those type of reviews. I embrace the ones that talk about things they did not like in my book too. I am a new writer and the more help I have to grow and learn the better.

Why do I write what I do?
I love writing about romance and especially I´m known to be a bit of a comedian so it is natural for me to put them in my books. My other genre, contemporary fiction touches on women topics. Unfortunately, they are not always plain sailing such as depression, guilt and regret.

How does your writing process work?
I wish I could come out with something sensible and worthwhile, but that is not my true writing process. I have set out a plan of what I intend to write for the year, which has changed ten times (and we are only in March). I think a lot more about what I am writing, which I never used to do. I used to just write and write. The problem was it resulted in too many errors and wasted a lot of time editing it as a result. Now, I take my time, but not too much time. I have tight deadlines!

Thank you for reading my writing process blog tour, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great day, Kerry:)


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