Author Interviews 2013

I had the great pleasure in interviewing Ronda Caudill, author of The Choice (A Nobleman Novel), she writes mainly romantic fantasies. I enjoyed the interview, especially the answers which I am sharing below. Very concerned about her loving Janet Leigh in Psycho – lol!

The topic was favourites, in different forms from days, to food to children…………read below to find out more.
Song: Monolog.
Singer: The band She Wants Revenge.
Film: The Changeling (with George C. Scott). It is sych a scary movie to have been filmed in the early 80’s.
Actor: Johnny Depp.
Actress: Janet Leigh; I loved her in Psycho.
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Book: Beautiful Creatures
Holiday: Halloween
Child: I have two daughters and they are both my favourite (Brittany and Nikita).
Season: Fall; I love to see the leaves change colours.
Photo: I don’t have a favourite photo.
Line: Failure is not the worst thing in the world. Not trying is the worst thing.
Food: Anything chocolate.
Drink: Any diet soda.
Colour/Color: Black.
Outfit: I don’t have a favourite outfit.
Holiday Destination: New Orleans. I absolutely love everything about New Orleans; the history the culture, etc.
Time/Hour: Evenings around dusk; that’s when I get inspiration.
Mobile: I don’t have a favourite mobile.
Day: I love Saturdays.
Fruit: I don’t have a favourite fruit; I love all fruits.

Social Media Contacts and Further Information can be found on Ronda’s blog:

Twitter: @RondaCaudill


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