To believe

Recently, I took on the challenge to write a Thanksgiving poem, the challenge was to write a poem or short story that somehow changes a disbeliever to be thankful …..and for those of us that like to take photos , post a photo showing what your thankful for … I rose to the challenge………..

Why, can you not see him?
Standing in front of you
Guiding your hand
Through this life
So rich, he gave it to you.

Why, can you not reach to him?
And clearly see
You were never here
Out of choice
Your purpose is his, so to speak.

Why, can you not believe?
All that you hear
His voice is so clear
Each day it calls to you
Stop, and you will hear.

Wh,y can you not stand?
In this glorious abyss
It is so natural
Strong, and healthy
It exists!

Why, can you not be glorious?
Glorious just like me
It helps you feel safe
You will never fear
If, only you could believe…………………


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