Eat, Pray, Love

Elizabeth Gilbert (played by Julia Roberts) realised after years (not sure how many because they were not revealed in the movie) she had been living in unhappiness in her marriage. She left her husband for a man who looked like him, but a younger version. Good move, the younger the better you would think. Unfortunately, that relationship fails and she figures out her relationship problems are due to lack of acceptance. How does she resolve this she set on a journey to three countries, Italy, India and Bali in one year. For 3 simply reasons – to eat, pray and then finally fall in love.

Julia Roberts, is not my favourite actress. Simply, because I can never figure out if she is meant to be happy or sad. After Pretty Woman, I just felt she lost her spark, maybe because she was not playing a prostitute so she had less to smile about? Or maybe because she was no longer staring with the American Gigolo himself, Richard Gere?

After several attempts of trying to get to the end of the movie without failing asleep. I dug deeper to see the mixed reviews and shouted at my friend for her recommendation on this is the movie of the year. I wondered if a movie of a year was considered to be one which made you sleep with ease? Then, I read it was based on a bestselling book, and this baffled me.

Finally, with the help of one bottle of Coca Cola, I stayed awake through the whole movie, and thought I need to go to Bali. Not, because of the sea, sunshine, and finding the hunk that cannot be found in any other country. I realised, whilst watching the movie. This woman was a reflection of me with no kids. She constantly had people surrounding her, in Bali, when she had no one surrounding her, she realised – who, what and how to think………It was like she was lost in society, work, marriage and everything else. I feel that the ratings were surrounded by the fact she was not abused or had a horrifying life, therefore how could it be deemed as life changing? I am putting this as one of my favourite movies, because I can relate, and with all the bad ratings in the world, which this movie has accomplished, it is a reflection of life, and how we continue with it, until – we stop, look and listen…………..


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