Lincoln (2012)

A movie I was dying to watch – Why?
Because, it was about Abraham Lincoln – partly.
Because, it had Daniel Day-Lewis – just a bit.
Because, it was directed by Steven Spielberg – OFF COURSE!
He is my all-time favourite director and producer. The man can produce a movie about someone sitting on a toilet for thirty minutes and it would be the movie of a lifetime, in my eyes. Why? Spielberg can work magic when it comes to the cinema in a script, directing and producing.
Unfortunately, not this time, in my rose-coloured tinted glasses.
I sat there for 150 minutes watching it, (yes, I had to time it) waiting to be moved. I laughed a couple of times, but I never cried. How is that possible? How can you watch a movie about a great man and not be moved. I thought long and hard about it, the reason being it was missing so much…………all the things that could have moved me he missed out.
Fair enough, it was not a movie about slavery it was a movie about Lincoln. I felt if he featured a bit of slavery and why it was actually wrong, rather than long discussions about it, then I would have been moved. Also, I was missing the biggest piece, why did Lincoln want to abolish it so badly what actually moved him to have this desire. I did not see or feel it from the movie. Instead it was shown why Thaddeus Stevens felt this way at the end of the movie, but never why Lincoln felt this way, it was only discussed which does not have the same effect. It was a piece that I would love to have seen. As for Daniel Day-Lewis acting abilities, they cannot be faulted, he is an amazing actor and Sally Field did an amazing job as his wife. It is a movie worth seeing, especially for the fabulous ending. This is the first and hopefully the only time Spielberg will not move me.


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