Keke Chanel

Today, I have the pleasure in interviewing Keke, she has written poetry to short stories, eventually leading to novels, she has always had a passion for writing. She delivers her first full-length novel with Deadly in Stilettos. Keke is a wife and mother. She enjoys reading books as much as she does writing. She was willing to conduct her interview in the theme Favorite’s, I hope she has enjoyed writing them as much as I do her responses!

My favorite song is “Stay with You” by John Legend. The words speak volumes and it was my wedding song.
My favorite singer is Sade. I love her style, elegance, beauty and the lyrics of her songs reflect that.
My favorite film is Pretty Woman. Love, love, love Julia Roberts movies, I guess because I love a fairy tale ending.
My favorite Actor is Sam Jackson. He is so versatile and can play any role, making you fall in love with the character whether good or evil.
My favorite Actress is Julia Roberts and Angela Bassett.
My favorite book varies from time to time. Right now is called “On My Own” By Kesha Redmon. It gives hope and inspiration to young women who have it all together, meet an obstacle and push forward through it.
My favorite holiday is New Year’s because it’s also my birthday.
My favorite season is spring. I love when things bloom or blossom.
My favorite photo/photos are the pictures of my two children when they were first birthed into this world. Priceless!
My favorite line is the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
My favorite food is eggplant, cooked any kind of way.
My favorite drink is cranberry juice. I just cannot get enough of it.
My favorite Color is purple. It just gives me a sense of being, of purpose. Plus, it makes me happy. My signature saying is “Purple Hugs and Kisses” on my blog.
My favorite outfit is something comfy. I love being able to move freely, although I love a good pair of skinny jeans.
My favorite holiday destination is being home with my family at my mom’s house.
My favorite time is dusk, just before dawn. There is just something about that time of day that brings out my creative side.
My favorite mobile is iPhone, or if it’s transportation, I love a nice truck with lots of room to be comfy when traveling.
My favorite day is any day that I am blessed to see.
My favorite fruit is strawberry. There is nothing like that flavor.

Connect with Keke via the Social Media contacts or to find out more details visit her blog and website:
Twitter: @keke_chanel
Blog link:


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